Numi by Nimphaery Tales

A doll by a new artist, Nimphaery Tales, is now available at Jpop Dolls. 30cm tall BJD Numi is cast in white skin resin. She is being sold with the face-up shown and a random pair of glass eyes.

From Jpop:

Please welcome Nimphaery Tales from Spain.
She is an exciting young artist and we and so happy to share this work with you.

This doll is based on a delicate little fairy, a sad beauty from Nature, quiet and gentle with quirky ears.
She dwells in the corners of our homes, and takes small treasures found …

Nimphaery Tales is the newest artist to join JpopDolls.net™ and we are excited to share her first offering on our website, Numi!

Please visit JpopDolls.net ™ for more information on Numi, ordering information and many more photos!

Numi’s pre-order is open umtil November 25th with an April/May estimated delivery.