1/3 Size Ellana

Lillycat – Cerisedolls will soon be offering 1/3 size BJD Ellana for a very short pre=order.

From the artist:
Hi everybody,

Next sale for Ellana in Pink tan and White skin will open very soon.
She is about 57.5cm tall has the “Lune” body ( same than Lyse ) with a more mature bust.
This time orders will be available during 48 hours ! With no limited number of doll.

The sale will be open from October the 31th to November the 2th the 23th at 17:00 UTC

3 times layaway still available, as for the 15% discount for non-European customers.
Please note that the website will show you automatically the good price according to your country when you log in.
So to know the price for your country do not hesitate to create an account if you don’t have one already =^^=