Muse Doll Malia

Bergemann Dolls is now taking pre-orders for new doll Malia. The BJD was first sold to members of the company’s Yahoo Group.  This second pre-order is not a time-limit pre-order; it is limited by number of dolls.

From artist Bo Bergemann:

1: All dolls will be my new Malia sculpt on my new Muse body. I have just a few dolls in each of my 2 resin colors: Sugar and Pink Sugar to offer at this time.

The Encore order of my brand new sculpt Malia comes in just 2 resin colors: Pink Sugar and Sugar.

2: These Malia’s Encore Offering dolls will deliver in May/June of 2014.

3: I am selling a fixed number of dolls, so that once these dolls sell out. This offer will end by my simply marking it sold out.
I do not have plans for any additional Malia offerings in 2014 at this time. So this will be the last opportunity to purchase a
Malia by Bo Bergemann for some time so far as I know now. I do plan a couple OOAK’s of course if time allows.

4: If Pink Sugar Malia dolls sell out, I will then offer only the remaining Sugar dolls and vice versa.
But if you prefer for me to send you an invoice, simply request one for exactly what you want and I am
happy to send it to you one so long as one of those dolls are still available.

46cm tall Malia can be ordered as a basic doll with an artist’s face-up, random eyes and wig. She may also be purchased as a full-set in a choice of  “Old Photo” Golden Girl (antique look), Alice (blue and white), or 1950’s Glamour Girl Little Red Riding (photos coming soon). Layaway is available. Malia’s pre-order page may be found HERE.

Golden Malia

Golden Malia

Malia Alice

Malia Alice

malia alice 2