IrrealDoll News

IrrealDoll, back from the Ldoll festival, has posted information on their next doll releases.

From the company:

DRYO: A new Engendrito joins Irrealdoll! 

Dryo’s name comes from “dryocampa rubicunda”, a very special yellow and pink colored moth. Viki Serrano ( http://vikiserrano.tumblr.com/ ) was the one who shared this cool discovery with us, thanks a lot artist!

When will we open Dryo’s preorders?
As we announced at Ldoll, , the preorder will be available later this year. We’re talking about mid-late November if everything goes well.
You will be able to choose between vanilla, toffee and white Dryo.
We will show you more pictures as soon as we receive the prototype from the factory.

NUR: We showed Nur’s homemade prototype on Flickr y Facebook already.
Nur’s will be available for preorder after Dryo, possibly mid December.

Available skin colors will be vanilla and… maybe toffee?
We will show you full body pictures as soon as we get the prototype from factory, but we may show you pictures of the homemade one before that.

To conclude we want to announce that soon we will hold auctions at irrealdoll.com where you will be able to get one of the extremely rare “Irrealdoll solo show Engendritos” ( pictures here ); First edition customized Enyos in skin tones no longer available.