50cm Doll Pre-order

Ocean Moon has opened pre-orders for 50cm girl dolls. Dolls purchased before the end of the month of October will receive a discount.

From the company:

We will accept orders for 50cm dolls; it would be the last opening for the year of 2013!

1)Types available for sale (prices do not show shipping fee) :

BoNee (normal skin Last 1), HaNee, sa-yu HaNee (half-open eyes), sa-yu BoNee (half-open eyes), 50cm Girl Body

Upgraded body with elbow double-joints + gathered hands.

2) Special Discount!
★The very first customer to order and complete payment will receive 50% discount! -Only the First One!★
(In case of multiple items ordered, we will apply 50% discount on the single highest-price item.)

And all orders with payments received within October will get $50 discount.

※Note: Only applies to orders including 50cm doll body or full doll.
※Installments/layaway accepted : $100 deposit and the following 6 months to pay off the rest amount.
Discounts do not apply to any case of layaways; deposits are not refundable in case of order cancellation.

Ear parts can be purchased at 50% discount price.
※for all orders paid for by the end of October 2013.
※applies to anyone who orders 50cm size doll (full doll) or body

4) Shipping : Will ship 6 weeks from the payment date, 8 weeks in case of with Face-up option chosen.
※If you order a doll (NS) that is in stock currently, we can ship it within 7 days.
2 more weeks of wait time in case of Face-up option chosen.

We will receive face-up orders only for the October orders (Re face-up order is also okay.)
Face-up done by the doll’s designer herself, this is the chance to get the face up you see in the images.

6) Other items available for order
50cm dolls-compatible [Panty&Stocking set]
Compatible with SD girls: [Gathered hand parts] $18.00 (S-hook not included)


1) Other heads available for sale other than the 50cm dolls: Only [sa-yu ShouRyu] head compatible with 60cm size.
HwaLan is discontinued and 26cm dolls’ manufacture has been put on hold.
2) 26cm EunRyoung’s Renewal Version, which has gone through so much upgrades, are currently in manufacture process. She will be available for sale by the end of November, please check back soon!




sa-yu HaNee

sa-yu HaNee

sa-yu BoNee

sa-yu BoNee

sa-yu BoNee

sa-yu BoNee