The King Korea – Melody of Moonlight

Sadol introduces new fashions for 1/3 and 70cm boy dolls.

From the company:

[The King Korea – Melody of Moonlight] -The King Korea series 1.

The first work of ours and it realized a lounging robe of the king.

It is a traditional costume added a bit of imagination of the designer.

We’ll be looking forward to your interest and love in our upcoming works as well.

Two King Korea sets are available in a red and a blue versions. They may be ordered in sizes Sadol Star 70, Volks SD 13 & 17, Luts Delf, Senior Delf & Super Senior Delf, Crobi R & M lines and Dollshe Hound. Full outfits may be purchased or individual pieces may be ordered. Additional optional dragon-headed hairpin set, cushion set, and ‘The Ten Traditional Symbols of Longevity’ folding screen may also be purchased.