The Dark Side of Ringdoll: Part 1


Part 1: Ringdoll interview


Many companies create dolls with dark costumes and unnatural skin tones, or perhaps add some blood, but no one goes as far as Rindoll into The Dark Side“. BJDcollectasy chatted with a company representative about some of their creepier creations.


Q:Which doll was the first Dark Side doll?

A: The first Dark doll was Jessica for the Halloween of 2010. Norman was the second one. Armand was not a formal work of Dark Ringdoll. At that time we did not give him as deeply the design of Violence Aesthetics.

013These products combined traditional classic with modern Aesthetics. a sense of dark and fear with Gothic in a totally new way. Of course, strong visual shock left a magnificent and deep impression on people.

About Jessica: violence aesthetics –  Chainsaw Girl Jessica. The work attempted to combine the dark, bloody style with a formal beauty in art from the analysis of the dark side of human nature.

After exploring the fragile and it’s resonance which were repressed in the human heart, it called on us  to pursue a light and positive force.

Now we are considering to change the name of Dark Ringdoll. Maybe we will give this series one name just like”Notorious” in the near future!

Q:Has anyone ever complained that your dolls are TOO dark ? Generally what has been the response of doll collectors?

A: Oh of course. just like some movies and some other Gothic art works, there are some who do not like the violence aesthetics, but we always like to accept different opinions. And during these few years, we kept on creating two aesthetics. The turning point was Frankenstein 2010. Before Frankenstein, we made the Dark side with horrible faces, just like the normal violence aesthetic art works. Then when we designed Franken and we thought, why not also give him a beautiful but sad face? In the heart of most people, Frankie was an ugly, huge freak (This is not in a derogatory sense), so why not give him a normal human face? With this kind of idea, we made Franken 2010. Now it seems this transformation was a success. More BJD lovers accepted this kind of design.

Q: Will you ever make more zombies?

021A: Yes, in the near future. More kinds of zombies, not only Zombie Sol. We will create someone different. We are big fans of zombie culture!

Q:Can you tell me more about Jack the Ripper, your next release for the series?

A: Wow Jack yes. At first, we thought we would release him as a Halloween limited just for this year, but some Ringdoll lovers contacted us, and told us their opinions. Now we are considering releasing him for a few days (Months) maybe once a year. Jack was a classic role in criminal history, but we will define him a new and different way in the near future! He will have some elements of steampunk. We kept discussing, proposing changes, and guessing people’s reactions.


Photos Above (from top): Jessica, Zombie Sol

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