FreedomTeller Customer Appreciation Event

FreedomTeller is running a discount event on tuxedo sets for a very limited time.

From the company:

Customer Appreciation Event : Limited Tuxedo Set (10 days only) on FreedomTeller.net

We would like to begin by expressing our appreciation to our customers for continuous support and interest.

Tuxedo sets were one of the first outfits released from Freedom Teller and it received much love.

They have become one of the representing items of Freedom Teller.

We received many inquires regarding these tuxedo sets

but because they were released as limited sets, there were difficulties in tailoring them.

Therefore, we decided to prepare a period for our customers to be able to order them once again

as an appreciation for your continuous support.

Duration : October 21st ~ October 30th (10 Days)

Sizes : SD 13, SD17, SID, EID Men

* In case of EID, SID men sizes, we’ll modify the pants to slimmer fit and a bit shorter.

* The tie pin that was included in Noblesse set for SD13,17 is no longer available due to shortage of material.
We will include a similar one to the set instead.

* These sets won’t be sent with illust cards.

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