Dear Mine News

Dear Mine has delayed the new Dear Pet release.

From the company:

Dearmine was preparing new Dear Pet after 1 year absence,
because of the health problem of sculptor, it has been delayed.

We are very sorry for the delay and thank you so much for your attention.
Dear Pet line’s new doll will be released in the later season.

The company  will be attending  Dollism Plus Tokyo 2013 .

From Dear Mine:

At 2013 Dollism Tokyo event (OCT. 20th, 2013), Dearmine is selling make-up completed dolls.
New make-up artist changed the previous Dearmine children in new style!
Also, we are accepting preorder in special price.
* You can get your doll directly at the event.
* The spot sale will be done by order of arrival. Please ask the staff with DOLL tag.
* You can buy in cheaper price in cash.
( Credit card payment charge 10% VAT in addition.
You can pay in credit card at the had operating desk. )

★ Priscilla Festival (make-up completed)
Spring Seasonal Lavender skin PRISCILLA 1 doll
Spring Seasonal White skin PRISCILLA 1 doll
Basic White normal skin PRISCILLA 1 doll

★ New make-up festival (make-up completed)
Lavender Skin DOROTHY 2 dolls
Milktea skin LOC 1 doll
White skin ROY 1 doll

★ Special Price DearShine Line (Make-up completed)
DIANA ~DayDream~ 1 doll
You can meet beautiful Shine line’s body!

★ Limited edition special sale (No make-up)
OZ (No make-up) 5 dolls
ROY (No make-up) 1 dolls
You can meet OZ & ROY as basic price.