Halloween Adventure Activity

Angell Studio will be launching a new event next week called the Halloween Adventure Activity.

From the company:

Hey, friends!
Here is an adventure activity to celebrate the Halloween Day!
Do you have any interests? If you do, now join us!!!

But first, we need to let you know that all the benefit you can have has some limits.
1. You need to be our registered member;
2. All discounts and gifts is useful only after you ordered a fullest new doll.
3. Other accessories except dolls can have this discount after you ordered a fullest new doll.
4. Our agents don’t take part in this discount activity, but also can have a head after ordering a fullest new doll.

Now let me introduce the Activity:
we will release a new limited doll who has three faces on Oct. 15th,2013 .
There are two Basic faces ,and you can choose one.

And we will provide a gift head after you ordered a fullest doll !

But there is only one picture for helping you to know this doll.(which why we call this an adventure)
However we will provide a discount which will be changed every 2 days.
For example.
You can get 8% discount of the boy who need in fullest at Oct. 15th,
But on Oct.17th, you can only get 7% discount of the same things.
we will change the discount on 9:00 a.m (Beijing Time)
On Halloween Day, the price will be resumed to the normal price. No discount anymore !
Oh, BTW, naked doll has no discount !
Of course more pictures will be showed in our official website before The Halloween Day.
All the orders will be effected within 24 hours after you received the invoice which sent by us!

Enjoy it!
Angell Studio

(We reserve the right to explain the terms of the event.)