Autumn Fashions

FreedomTeller has released Fall fashions for SD13/17B, EID/SID, SD16G and SID girl dolls.

From the company:


We’re here to inform you of our autumn fashion update.

From print and stripe shirts that can be worn during Fall to items such as scarf and socks
which would look good with our on-going items are now updated on our website.

– Trench coat is a classic item that looks great on both male and female and is a must-have item regardless of current period or trend.
** SD16 size trench coat will fit Crobidoll M-line girls too~^^
– Our new shirts can look great with trench coat and pea coat.
– Scarves are this season’s trend items. Instead of clean cut neckties, why not create soft looks with scarves~
– As the new trendy length for pants is getting shorter, we prepared socks to cover your doll’s ankles.
It can look fashionable with loafers or moccasins.

Freedom Teller will strive to become a company that pays attention to even small items.
Please pay us a visit~

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