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Junkyspot, authorized retailer for Mystic Kids dolls, will be participaing in the company’s autumn Event.  In-stock dolls will be sold with free face-up.  Purchases of in-stock dolls will include a free Nano Freya.

from the shop:

Mystic Kids Autumn Event Details!
Event Time: 19th Sept ~ 30th Oct, 2013.

Option 1:
All IN STOCK Mystic Kids dolls with faceup have been discounted to BLANK doll pricing, and will ship immediately.

Option 2:
Pre-Order any MK 1/6 – 1/3rd Doll and the Faceup is FREE. Estimate 2 month delivery time.

Option 3:
Pre-Order any MK 1/3 doll, will get a gift bunny Pinky / Snowy for FREE!
Pre-Order any MK 1/4 doll , adding US$20 will get a gift bunny Pinky/ Snowy!
Pre-Order any MK 1/6 doll, adding US$25 will get a gift bunny Pinky/Snowy!
All bunnies will come with blushing.
Estimate 2 month delivery time.

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