MengHe & Qinzhe

Ringdoll has released two new 72cm boys from the story “A tale of South City”.

From the company:

Hello my dear friends^_^How are you these days~~
In the end of this Aug, Ringdoll have just released two new 72cm boys—–MengHe and Qinzhe.

MengHe and Qinzhe are designed with a distinct old China style. Menghe is a military officer and Qinzhe is an opera actor.
There is a tragic story of them – “A tale of South City”.
The designer of Qinzhe was inspired by Chinese traditional opera. This time we also uploaded a video, please enjoy it.

《A Tale of South City》 story–part 1《—Click
《A Tale of South City》 story–Part 2《—Click

Meng He was the eldest son in his family, while Qinzhe was Zheng’s.
He’s family run for the royal courts, and Zheng’s family was in business for generations. The two families are close and both are the respected and influential clans.He disliked Qinzhe. When the boy’s dislike turned into hate, somewhere in his heart became dark.
“If I cannot become someone like him, then I will destroy him with my own hands”, he said.

Qinzhe would never forget that flames-raging night 10 years ago. He Meng, his childhood friend, invited him to the tower only to let him witness his parents, his brothers and his sisters burned to death.
After that night, Zheng family became totally declined. Qinzhe was the only one alive.

Qinzhe had experienced vicissitudes of life and the fickleness of the world during these 10 years. He came back just for it was time for vengeance.

He met Meng He again in the opera house. He was performing on the stage while Meng He was seeing down the stage. With heavy make-up and illusory singing, he met Meng He again, the man with a pair of cruel and vicious eyes that he would never forget…

Video can be seen HERE.

The Ring Grown dolls  may be ordered in normal or white skin resin. MengHe and Qinzhe are available as  basic dolls.  Their eyes, wiga and outfita are sold separately on the website.  Face-up is optionally available.








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  • Rajendora Aug 31, 2013, 3:13 am

    I love how the company has such a back story for their dolls. And those outfits! A chinese opera doll, omg! *swoon* I love it!

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