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After a great deal of effort, BJDcollectasy version 2 is nearing completion.

Weekly articles are now divided into two sections, Feature Articles and the new DIY category.  DIY includes all featured projects.

The Archive can now be searched by month and year.  All dolls and companies mentioned in the archive are also searchable. The archive pages primarily cover doll releases, some OOAK doll releases and major company news from September 2012.  All of the archive information is not yet loaded. Currently the archive posts stop at October 31st, 2011.  The remainder of the posts will be added over time, and the oldest date covered will be September 14, 2008.

Due to the deterioration of the old site, the Gallery section was unfortunately lost with all of its contents.  We decided not to include a gallery this time. Instead we will be simply adding more photos into the articles themselves.

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