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Interview with Berdine Creedy

Berdine, who previously released only small size BJDs, has introduced her first dolls in the 1/4 scale this year.  She will soon release her first 1/3 scale doll.


Q: Would you like to start by telling me s little bit about the dolls you have released recently, and about the new one you have plans to release soon?

Venus of Yesteryears

A: The best decision I ever made was sculpting a 17″ MSD size BJD. What a wonderful size to work with! I can sculpt with my larger tools, my fingers, it’s so much easier. I did use some tiny tools for the very fine work needed to perfect the eyes, nose and mouth. I revisited some of my ideas from back when I made my porcelain dolls in the years 1996 to 2004. I love to add an antique look to them using antique materials and laces that I have collected through the years. Then I love to add a little bit of funkiness to it, to combine the antique and the funky hopefully makes them very attractive to collectors.

When I am doing Tea Times at shows and doing conventions, I always have a size exclusive for that. The idea to do a 14″ BJD I decided was the best size to work in. This size of doll after introducing her, will only be found at Events after Prim-Rose’s pre-order ends. Lily-Rose was offered in the spring. Elf Prim-Rose is still be on order until mid-September. With school starting and with school holidays just finished, I had a few requests to extend the Elf BJD ordering period. I do not do many elves. Since I started making BJD’s from 2008, this is only my my third elf BJD. She is very exclusive in that way and in this size.

After I did my 17″, a little voice inside told me to go bigger!!! Sculpting so nicely on the 17″ Faces, makes me itchy for a bigger doll, so I tried the 22″ SD size BJD. When I was done, I fell in love at first sight!!!! Oh my, what a wonderful size to sculpt and to work with. She is so sturdy and poses so well, and to make clothing for her was a dream. She will be released in mid September, just after the Modern Doll Collectors Convention (11-14th Sept).

I have a photo of the 2 sizes together to see the difference.

Q: Are you now painting all of your doll’s face-ups yourself?

A: I am painting all of my dolls myself. I only get blanks from the factory. Then I use seamstresses from the USA to make the clothing for my dolls. I think they are wonderful artists themselves, creating outfits to my liking. I work with them to create what I want. In the beginning, the communication was not very easy. Because so many things are different. Words in Afrikaans English and USA English are not the same, and they have different meaning, but after 18 years, I am fluent in seamstress/needlework terms now!

Q: Will you ever offer your dolls in other resin colors?

A: Yes, next year I will have some different colors.

I actually have ONLY 10 of the darker skin resin “Venus” dolls specially for MDCC to take with for my table display to sell.

Q: Can you tell me a little bit more about the new doll that you will be releasing next? Will she be debuted at the MDCC?

A: My 22″ doll will be debuting at MDCC. She will be on order on my website toward the end of September. She will have two choice available for marygold witch detailordering:
Nude, no face-up, no eyes.
Nude, with face-up and glass eyes.

Those who want clothing, can order from a few styles.
I am very excited about her, and I am looking forward to see what the response will be at MDCC.

Q: Will you offer more sculpts in your new larger sizes in the future?

A: In 2014, I will have new faces for the 17″ and the 22″ BJD’s. The 14″ will be kept exclusive for tea events and conventions.

Q: Do you have anything you would like to add?

A: Thanks to all my collectors in the past and so many new collectors for loving my BJD’s. You all make life living in the USA so much easier. You became my extended family that I left behind in South Africa. Recently I became a Grandma and love every bit of it. Skyler will be a year old on the 30th of Aug. The perfection of the sculpting of his face!

Photos above from top: Venus of Yesteryears, Mary=Gold Witch portrait

Berdine Creedy Originals

The Toy Shoppe has an exclusive version of 17″ Venus called Azalia – LE of 20
Fabric Friends and Dolls has s small selection of 14″ and 17″ OOAK dolls
Toona Roona will have a 14″ x LE of 10 after MDCC


primrose venus mary gold

(From left) 14″ Prim-Rose, 17″ Venus, 22″ Mary-Gold


Prim-Rose Elf


primrose lilac

primrose lilacdetail





marygold detail pnk


marygold blue

marygold antique

mrygold antique2

marygold witches




venus OOAK detail

venus OOAK1

Venus in Ribbons & Lace

Venus in Ribbons & Lace

Venus Timeless Perfection

Venus Timeless Perfection







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  • Linda Fletcher Aug 25, 2013, 4:51 pm

    You outdid your self again, they are all so beautiful. One day maybe I will get to own one..

  • Nancie Belser Aug 25, 2013, 7:55 pm

    Beautiful,exciting dolls. I a finally going to meet Berdine At MCCC!

  • BEVERLY Aug 26, 2013, 3:24 pm


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