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Sugarble New Kitties

New Little Kitty dolls have been released by Sugarble.

From the company:

Hello, this is SUGARBLE.
It is just the middle of the year.
We just wondering how is your summer time goes, hoping you all are having a sweet vacation.
In this summer, a new SUGARBLE doll models are about to be launched –
The Little Lady Cat & The Little Gentleman.
We are also going to hold special events for a new products, you’d better not to miss them!

Please give us your interest and love for “The Little Kitty”,
and have a happy summer! :>

Special events for “The Little Kitty”
(From August 16th to 30th, for 15days)

*10% discount for “The Little Kitty”

*Free customization parts
The ONE special parts from the followings will be given to every customers for free.
(Fox, angelic wings, demonic set, deer, mini fox, and mini cat parts)


1/6 size Little Kitty Eileen and Alvin may be ordered with girl, glamour or intersex body, in normal, bright white or pale grey resin. Options include face-up, body blushing, cat parts, painting for cat parts, outfit and wig. Customers may choose the gift parts they wish to receive with their order.


kitty alvin eileen

kitty eileen

kitty alvin

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