Sleeping Darjeeling

ChicoBricks (formerly A.I.R) has now released Sleeping Darjeeling. The 49cm tall doll comes in a choice of resin colors (see below).  Face-up is optionally available.

From the company:

C H I C O B R I C K S – old_ Astral in Rainbow A.I.R


Information of “Sleeping Darjeeling”

Head size : about 8.8 inch
Eye size : 16mm~18mm
Tall : 49cm (small SD size)
Skin color :
– Normal
– Peach Normal
– White

For those who have our previous Chicobricks (old A.I.R) dolls,
we will give you 10% discount when you adopt sleeping Dajeeling.
Please send us the recent photo and the name of your child with your ordering email, and we will make sure that you get the discount!

[The period of order]

★ 19/August/2013 PM10:00 ~ by order of arrival ★ Korea standard time




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