Maid Cafe Outfit

Miema Dollhouse has introduced a new “Maid Cafe” outfit for 1/3 girl dolls. The set comes with a choice of  accessories.

From the shop:

We are happy to present you our newest collection for your SD13 and SDGr girls ♥

Super kawaii Maid inspired outfit set with lots of yummy handmade accessories ♥
You can choose between 5 accessory sets!

Each Outfit set includes:

♥ Brown dress
♥ Blouse
♥ White skirt/apron with cupcake pattern
♥ Garter
♥ Two bracelets
♥ Heart shaped miniature waffle necklace
♥ Miniature tart-let hair dress

Shop outfit set here: http://www.miema-dollhouse.com/store/bjd/sd13-gr-f-complete-outfits/
Official shop: http://www.miema-dollhouse.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Miema-Dollhouse/404233266329552

Happy shopping, girls \(^.^)/

Note: Those dresses are made for SD13 and SDGr girls but of course they fit other sizes, too! If you are unsure if those fit your doll feel free to contact us and we will find out if it does or not. ^.~

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 Accessory sets:






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