Pipos Recast Notice

Pipos is the latest BJD company to post a notice regarding unauthorized recasts of their dolls.

From the company:

Thank you for all who love pipos dolls.

We heard that a copying PIPOS anthro(animal) dolls illegally has increased and it has being sold in Taobao or some other sites these days.
They also use our web-shopping mall pictures without any of permissions.
So please check this out when you buy dolls.

We only sell our dolls through PIPOS on-line shop and PIPOS dealer.
Second, please keep your certificate card carefully.
Also please check the certificate card when you buy and sell dolls in second market.

You need a certificate card to join the pipos event and get A/S.

PIPOS on-line shop
www.piposcn.com(China)(now preparing)

PIPOS dealer
Denverdoll – http://www.denverdoll.com/
Dolk – http://dolk.jp/
Yumemitei – http://yumemitei.ocnk.net/
The Doll Corner -https://www.facebook.com/pages/The-Doll-Corner/155196047853136


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