Update: DollZone

DollZone will be offering their 1/4 size Summer event heads and “demon eggs” for separate purchase. The items include the Freddy-1 head, Pandora-1 head, Freddy-2 head, Pandora-2 head, Freddy-1/Pandora-1 head with the demon egg and Freddy-2/Pandora-2 head with the demon egg. The items are being sold blank with optional face-up/painting.

From the company:

UPDATE: From 12th to 30th August, the event heads & eggs are available to order!

NB: They cannot be used to qualify for the summer event free head additionally.
Faceup is extra – see website for details http://www.doll-zone.com/



Freddy-1 head
Pandora-1 head
Freddy-2 head
Pandora-2 head
The demon egg:
Freddy-1/Pandora-1 head+ demon egg
Freddy-2/Pandora-2 head+ demon egg

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