Frankenstein & Eva Endless Wasteland

Ringdoll presents Frankenstein and Eva Endless Wasteland.

From the company:

Hello,dear friends,long time no see.
Ringdoll limited edition—-Frankenstein 2013 and his bride Eva, are releasing now!

I will share you the image and video!

First, Frankenstein 2013.

Frankenstein 2013 is a limited edition from Dark·Ringdoll – He will be discontinued this winter.

The full-set)include : head(with face-up) + body(blushed) + eyes+ wigs+ clothes [RC70-28] +mechanical arm and leg (both left side)+Gas mask[Rot64]+Oxygen bomb[Rot65]+steel collar[Rot66]+Brain(All the accessories are painted).

Full-set will include the same accessories but in blank.(click to watch the image of blank accessories)

More images of him:Click here to watch

Remark : Layaway is available.
Free shipping with buying both Frankenstein2013 and Eva. (The agents are not included in this event)
If you ordered frankenstien2013, you will get a chance to order the old Frankenstein head 2011 at the same time with price.

Eva is a limited edition from Dark·Ringdoll – She will be discontinued this winter.

Full-set($618)includes: head(with face-up) + body(blushed)+eyes[Re33] + wigs[Rwigs60-37] +High-heeled feet+Fetus(All the accessories are painted).

Full-set  will include the same accessories but in blank.

The clothes[Rc60-49] doesn’t be included in the full-set,please purchase it separately.

More images:Click here to watch 

Remark :

The Sickle “Wasteland” is not for sale.
Layaway is available.

*The whole story “Endless wasteland” will be collected in Ringdoll Conceptual design picture-book.




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