Doll Chateau Announcement

Doll Chateau is the latest company to post an announcement that they have discovered their dolls are being illegally copied.

From the Hello everyone!
We are Doll-Chateau official.
We are so surprised there is someone pirating our dolls.
Whose name is Ligui Luo,skype is chinabjd8,and email is zhongshe8@hotmail.com or chinabjd998@hotmail.com
The piracy dolls are including:Alberta,Ada,Bella,Christina,Faramita,Cyril.
Here,we state:If you want to buy our dolls,you can write to the offical(sales@doll-chateau,com) or our agents.If you purchase from the people called Ligui Luo,we aren’t responsible for you when there is any problem about the doll.
Pls be careful when you purchase the doll!


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  • Kali Aug 5, 2013, 7:06 pm

    They never said it’s illegal, though, because piracy isn’t illegal in China 😉

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