Nympheas Dolls News

Nympheas Dolls is now taking orders for Chocolat Nymphette. The 20cm tall doll by French artist K6 will be available in very limited quantities. Nymphette will be sold with a pair of glass eyes. Optional face-up will be available.

A plan for future releases was recently posted by the artist K6.

From the artist:

I will soon be out Nymphette in chocolate skin, it will come a few months later in Lilac color, I also plan to release Fantasia in normal skin in the coming months, the prototype of Chibi Nymphette is well advanced, I hope this girl will be there in September, she will come with a small base to compensate for the weight of his huge head!

I am currently working on small non-articulated familiar: The nips nips, they will be sold as an option with all my models, and come as Nymphée and Malicie!


Chocolat Nymphette 2

Chocolat Nymphette 1