Batchix News

Batchix Dolls is planning to offer a new 55cm boy doll this fall. Photos and information on the doll are posted on the website.

From the artist:

Exciting news! I have a new 55cm boy coming out in October.

Well, technically two since there are two faces to choose from but I’m still working on the second face!

Orpheus, the face seen here, is the first large scale doll I’ve done in years. YEARS.
I’ve been limiting myself to the more cost and space effective region of 42cm and smaller…
but I really wanted to make a larger boy. So here he is! I’m super excited about him.

I won’t have an exact price or color selection until closer to October when I get the quote from the casting company for him.
Since he’s a new size I’m not sure how expensive production will be for him. I’m estimating in the $500-600 range.
Palest pale is a go, but I’m debating on natural or gray as the alternative color! Depending on the interest in him, I may only do a small run of 30.

If you’re interested in him, please chime in and let me know!