Karlyl’s Creations has released the first doll of a new line.

From the artist:

I have a new doll available from Karlyl’s Creations, on my etsy shop (http://karlyl.etsy.com) and my website http://www.karlyl.com.

This is my new line of dolls called Teenygoyles (30cm tall) and the first faceplate available is called Arin. Arin has open eyes and a half-closed eyes faceplates. The teenygoyle body has a jointed tail and wings made of moveable slats. Teenygoyles can be purchased with or without wings. He comes with a fur wig, random set of eyes and a loincloth.

This is the TG boy body that is being made available — the girl body is coming in the next couple of weeks.

teengoyle arin teengoylearin2