Soul Doll News

Soul Doll has opened a pre-order for sandy brown resin 43cm Soul Kid girl dolls.

From the company:

We have started to sale all Kids girls in sandy brown skin.
This is an order doll for short-term.

>1st order period : 2013.07.25 ~ 2013.08.31

* The sale of this doll are subject to stop without notice by the order quantity.
* We will notice 2nd order period on the end of Sep.

We hope your big support.

A variety of doll sculpts are available (see below).  The dolls may be purchased with the NL body only. Default or custom face-up may be ordered. Each doll will come with a pair of Souldoll eyes and a random mohair wig.

Soul Doll is currently runnin a summer event.  The details of all events may be seen on BJDcollectasy HERE.


soulkidsgirls1 soulkidgirls2