When it is time for BJDs to hit the beach, what better place to shop for the perfect swim suit than Beachgirlnikita’s? 

Of course, Beachgirlnikita’s store has more than just bikini’s and bathing shorts, she also sells a variety of fashions for boy & girl dolls in a wide variety of sizes and faux fur wigs in a large assortment of colors.


Q: Can you tell me a little about your background?

A: I was trained in Fashion Design at Parsons School of Design in NYC and have worked for many years in the industry. I’ve owned my own boutique in NYC, designed for other boutiques, and have had a custom clothing business making everything from Western shirts, leather apparel and bags, belly dance costumes, swimsuits, wedding gowns, and more. I was a designer for Samsonite Luggage and a technical designer for Nike for years.

ooak hatI always liked dolls and making clothes for them as a child, but wasn’t involved with the doll world as an adult. I came upon Gene dolls rather late in the game, but got one because I was impressed that she could bend her elbows, which not all of those could do!

My daughter was involved with anime and was the one who introduced me to BJD’s; she got a Volks MSD and a Dollfie Dream. I ended up playing with them and posing them, which started me on the search for a doll of my own. After doing a lot of research, I ordered at Luts Lishe in the fall of 2005, and she arrived early in 2006. Since she was so expensive, I decided to make and sell clothes for her to pay for her, since I had a hard time justifying that much money for a doll! I did this part time in the evenings after work for several years to support my hobby, since even though Lishe was supposed to be the “only one”, that didn’t last long. She was soon joined by Luts El and Vampire DES, and many others in different sizes from several companies.

Q: How do you sell your work?

A: I’ve been selling through my Ebay Store since the beginning, and have had a couple of sites; my current one is mainly showing what is new in my stores. I transitioned into doing this full time a couple years ago, and now have a Facebook page for my BJD items, and an Etsy Shop, and have also had a booth at several shows in the Northwest. I will have one at Uncanny Dreams BJD Con in Seattle on August 17th. I make basics like stockings, leggings, underwear, swimsuits, bodysuits, tops, and faux fur wigs for the bulk of my stock, and also make OOAK outfits to keep it interesting. I sometimes make jewelry for the dolls too.

I have clothing for the big guys like the Iplehouse EID and Soom Mega Gem boys, the big girls like the Iple EID and Fairyland Feeple 65 girls, SD boys and girls, MSD boys and girls, the YOSD size kids, the Pipos and Luts kitties, and the Doll Chateau Bella and Christina. Sometimes I will make ooak fairythings for Pukis, but those being so small, are harder to work on.

I have an embroidery machine, so I will make accessories for the dolls too, like eye patches, felt wings, and hats. I’ve done embroidery on the legs of pants, on tee shirts and hoodies, and made a “bat wing” collar for a cape, among other details.

Q: Do you ever do commission work?

A: I don’t take commissions; it takes too much time away from keeping my shops in stock. Unlike some places, everything is made up and ready to ship.

Q: How did you decide on the name Beachgirlnikita?

The “Beachgirlnikita” name goes way back to when I first set up an account on eBay; I was having a hard time coming up with a user name that wasn’t already taken. I grew up by the ocean in NJ, and spent a lot of time on the beach there, so that’s where the “beachgirl” part came from. I was trying to find a version of that not in use, when my cat Nikita came into the room. I just kept the name when I started selling the BJD clothes, and it started as “Beachgirlnikita’s Guys and Dolls” because I was also making men’s western shirts at the time.

Q: What size do enjoy designing for the most?

A: I like to sew for the bigger dolls the best; the larger size make them easier to sew. This is especially true for the OOAK items as there is more room for details.

Q: What items sell the best?

A: The faux fur wigs are actually my most popular items; I have them in seven sizes and about 20 colors so there are a lot of choices. Bodysuits and stockings, and lately, leggings are also popular.

All photos above and below are of OOAK fashions by Beachgirlnikita.

Beachgirlnikita main website

Beachgirlnikita Etsy