The Last Emperor & Empress

FreedomTeller is taking orders for very special fashions The Last Emperor & Empress sets.

From FreedomTeller:

Limited ‘The Last Emperor & Empress’ SD13B/17B, EID/SID & SD16G/SID Femme Pre-order Period on FreedomTeller.net
http://www.freedomteller.net / http://www.twitter.com/freedomteller / http://www.flickr.com/photos/freedomteller


In order to celebrate our Chinese website opening, we have prepared a celebration limited set.

[ The Last Emperor & Empress ] was inspired by China’s last emperor and the last empress.

This set is limited to number worldwide and available sizes and quantaties are as below.

The Last Emperor: Volks SD17/13 (Limited to 15 sets)
Iplehouse EID/SID (Limited to 15 sets)
The Last Empress: Volks SD16 (Limited to 10 sets)
Iplehouse SID (Limited to 10 sets)

* We will only tailor 3 more sets to the number mentioned about for doll events’ donation items.
Once sold out, we won’t tailor these outfits again.

The Emporer set includes the jacket, shirt, pants, waist belt, ornaments, chain necklace, 3 badges and gold beads (for collar-detachable). The Empress set includes lace dress, slip dress, necklace and headwear. The Empress set comes in tweo versions each in a choice of ivory or black lace.


The Last Emperor & Empress