My Fair Lady & Little Lord

Ardeur de l’amour‘s new fashions, Collection No. 6: My Fair Lady & Little Lord, are now available for order. They were first revealed at Dollism Plus 8 in Hong Kong.

From the shop:

“It’s almost time for afternoon tea, what should I wear for today’s party?”

Arduer introduces our latest collection titled “My Fair Lady”
with our main concept of ‘creating multiple look for difference occasions’
the inner layer and shell layer can be worn separately.

The inner dress alone is suitable for informal and relaxed atmosphere of the afternoon teatime,
if pairing with the shell layer will create classical elegant look of a lady.
Even wearing the corset dress alone, you’ll get a trendy and stylish look ready for the party.
No matter what the dress is, it will flatter your doll’s beautiful style
…a graceful My Fair Lady.

We are proud to present our new collection of Fauntleroy style
that both boys and girls can enjoy it.

They come with two-layered poet blouse
the shell layer is lace-up tulle and the inner one is made of printed cotton.
They pair with cute pumpkin-shaped pants which can adjust to mushroom shape by putting its trim inside.
Finish the look with gorgeous flower pin.


Ardeur de l’amour