~Panel Skirt~

banner panel skirt

This skirt is designed to be a companion to our halter top for 1/4 size girl dolls.  Two lengths are shown here, midi and maxi. The pattern fit both my Doll Leaves Vivian and my Little Monica Irin.  The panel may be enlarged or reduced easily to accommodate dolls that are a little bigger or smaller.


To make this skirt you will need:

skirt panel – PDF pattern piece

Material (I used cotton fat quarters)

matching thread

Sewing machine or needle & thread



Step 1:

Cut out four pieces of fabric from the skirt panel pattern.  The pattern piece should be lined up so that the non stretchy warp of the material lines up with the arrow.  Cut to the length of skirt you desire. (I marked on the pattern where I cut the length for my shorter skirt.)


1 cut out skirt

Pinned to maxi length

cut for midi skirt

Pinned and being cut to midi length

Step 2:

Pin the panels together as shown. Stitch them about 1/4 in from the edge.

pin panels

panels sewn

Step 3:

Sew the remaining two sides together from the bottom.  Stop at the point where the back opening would need to end to be able to fit the skirt over the doll’s derriere and hips.

back opening

Step 4: Pin then sew a piece of fabric about 1 inch (2.54cm) wide to each side of the opening. Make the strips a little longer that the opening.  Leave extra below and above the opening.  Any left t sticking above the waist may be trimmed away if desired.

opening sides

Step 5: To line the opening at the waist, pin then sew a piece of material about 1 inch wide around the top of the skirt, then flip the material inside the skirt.


top of skirt2

Fold the ends inward st the skirt opening and tack in place.  Add a snap or a hook and eye (or 2 if necessary) the close the skirt.

finish skirt top

Step 6: Hem the bottom of the skirt.


Here is the finished skirt along with a maxi skirt I made using the same pattern.  The fabric trim for the bottom of the maxi skirt is homemade bias tape.  Instructions for making your own custom tape may be found on this site called MADE.

skirts2 2