FairyLand Summer Event

The new FairyLand Summer Event has begun.  A special additional gift event is also being offered for purchasers of a new LittleFee Baby.

From the company:

Dear customers,

We are happy to announce the release of new doll line-up, LittleFee Baby, and launching of annual Juri event.

Please note that this year’s Juri head and faceplates are of same type but in different sizes.

Photographs of event gifts, LittleFee Baby body, comparision photographs of LittleFee/LittleFee Baby/PukiFee will be updated soon.

1. 2013 Summer Juri Event

Duration: July 19, 2013 ~ August 18, 2013

Customers are eligible to receive following gifts for orders priced;

a. $400 or above : LittleFee Face
b. $600 or above : Minifee Head
c. $800 or above : FeePle60 Head
d. $1500 or above : a + b + c (all 3 items)

– Eligible price shown above EXCLUDES shipping fee.

– One order is eligible for one event gift of designated price or lower. (eg. order which eligible for FeePle60 Head (c) may choose to receive MiniFee Head (b) instead, but not vice versa).

– Chosen event gift must be included together in the order cart to receive it.

– Order containing a wrong event gift will be cancelled by the administrator and refunded if payment has already been made.

– Changes in event gift types or skin tone is not possible after the order is placed.

– Option D contains one item of each type (a, b and c). It is not possible to receive two or more items of same type (eg. it is not possible to request for a + a + b).

– Existing orders (at item processing stage) can also participate in the event on following conditions;
* New order containing event gift of eligible price needs to be placed, with request for combined shipping with existing order.
* Addition of event gift will affect the processing time and shipping may be delayed slightly as a result of it.
* Currently orders from May are being processed and shipping of orders placed during early June will happen shortly. Customers with these orders wanting to participate in the event must inform FairyLand ASAP to place the orders on hold.

2. LittleFee Baby Release Event

Duration: July 19, 2013 ~ August 18, 2013

– Each LittleFee Baby doll is eligible for free gifts (bottle and pacifier for LittleFee Baby, both in BW skin resin).
To receive these gifts, gift option MUST be selected on the product page.

– Bottle and pacifier for LittleFee Baby are designed to fit on the mouth of LittleFee Baby faceplate.
Please take caution when placing these items to the faceplate as makeup can be damaged.

– Bottle and pacifier are included in the Full Package option from LittleFee Baby A la Carte page as default components.
Customers purchasing Full Package option can also select free gift option, therefore receiving extra set of bottle and pacifier during the event period.