New Dentelle & Natural Body Dolls

Angel Egg Dolls – Resin Menagerie is taking pre-orders for New Dentelle and Natural body dolls.  Three face-plate options are available including new Iiai.

From artist Marmite Sue:

New AE Dentelle Body
(Limited signed & numbered Edition)
This is the second and final reservation order for Angel Egg doll `New Dentelle` .

`New Dentelle` is a limited edition cast in 50 pieces,
each signed and numbered.
*This is an order for pieces 24-50.
Open Until August 31st unless sold out before.

38cm tall
3 faceplate options: `Dentelle`, `Classic Noi`, `Ilai`
3 Body Blush Options: `Rococo Blue`. `Pink Pearl`, `Carousel`


glass eyes
mohair wig
Flat Feet + High Heel Feet
Joint Lining

* Separate fee:

Body Blush


Reservations for AE Dentelle & AE Natural

Please make reservations though the shop http://doll-menagerie.com/eng/
Or via Email (shop@doll-menagerie.com)

For LayAway options please contact via Email

For placing a reservation, please state your country for shipping information, so we can calculate shipping fees, and we will send you an invoice to your Email.

Layaway/ Payment plan is possible.

Payment is via Pay Pal, Credit Card, Bank Transfer
Dolls on these orders will ship during December 2013 – January 2014

*First orders for AE Dentelle will ship in time for Christmas.*

* For further details and news updates, please visit the Resin Menagerie blog