LittleFee Update

A photo of the new LittleFee dolls that will be released latter this month is now on the FairyLand Blog. The dolls will be released as part of a Fairyland Summer Event.

From the company:

This new line-up, which is smaller than LittleFee and bigger than PukiFee, has many aspects that are compatible with LittleFee, such as following;

– LittleFee Baby has gender-specific body (different hip pieces) similar to LittleFee.
– LittleFee faceplate and hands are compatible with LittleFee Baby.
– Feet are not compatible due to the size difference at the ankle joint.
– LittleFee Baby can wear regular LittleFee wigs and vice versa (almost identical head sizes).
– LittleFee Baby can wear regular LittleFee shoes but LittleFee Baby shoes cannot be worn by regular LittleFee.
– LittleFee Baby can wear short sleeved LittleFee shirts and shorts, which will fit like 3/4 or full length clothes.

LittleFee Baby will be available as A la Carte system, with option of Full Package accessories included in the product page. They may become available separately in the future.

Summer Event duration is between July 19 till August 18, 2013.
Three types of Event Juri Head/Faceplates will be available, which the customer is to place an eligible gift (depending on the total price of the order) inside the shopping cart to receive one.