50cm Doll Pre-order

A pre-order is currently open at Ocean Moon for 50cm girl dolls.

From the company:

Types available for sale : HaNee / Sa-yu HaNee(half-open eyes) / Sa-yu BoNee(half-open eyes) / 50cm Girl Body
Order period : Until July 31, 2013
Shipping : shipping will begin from August 30, 2013, in the order of order received. (With Face-up items will ship on September 30)

※Only 1 BoNee (Open-eyed) in Normal Skin is available for sale. (Last 1 left; White Skin is unavailable to manufacture)

Price will go up $30 higher due to body upgrades.
1 pair of ear part will be included in your order for free, for all orders paid for by the end of July 2013.

※Who will receive free ear parts : anyone who orders a 50cm size doll (full doll) or body
※Free ear parts is MSD compatible Normal Skin, a type will be chosen out of two randomly.

We will receive face-up orders only for the July orders (Re face-up order is also okay.)
Face-up done by the doll’s designer herself, this is the chance to get the face up you see in the images.

New Items (Prices will go up from August) :
50cm [Gathered Hands] part $18.00
50cm dolls-compatible [Panty&Stocking] set $12.00

★Upgrades in 50cm Girl Body (2013.06.01~)

1) Double-jointed elbows
2) Changed neck and shoulder (a bit thinner than before)
3) Arms, when stretched fully, tilt a bit backward for natural look (+3 stages of arm stretch)
4) The small protrusions on the both sides of the waist are gone : slimmer body line
5) Outward area of the knees are polished : more curvature to the leg line
6) Default Open hands -> Now the default hands are Gathered Hands.

Experience the exquisite beauty and high quality of Oceanmoon’s dolls today!