Fabric Friends and Dolls News

Fabric Friends and Dolls has new dolls in stock and a number of exclusive dolls coming soon.

From FF & D:

I have been receiving a lot of new dolls this past week. I have gotten in Nikki Britt, Impldoll Crocs, Dragondoll, DHS, 5Stardoll, and Luts. Luts came out with a new TDF 20 size doll (she is 20cm), Very Cute. Coming in the future I have asked Donny at DHS to do an Elf doll in the size of his QBaby which he said he will work on. Luts is coming out with a Tiny Delf centaur soon. Nikki Britt has asked me to have an Exclusive for my shop, which will be a Finona Kitty LE 5, so that will be coming soon.I
am also waiting for 5 OOAK dolls from Berdine Creedy which she is doing for my shop. I am waiting for Peakswood to arrive.

I will be taking pictures and getting the new dolls on my website by this weekend, if you want to take a look. Just click on the
company name and it will show you what is in stock.

Baby crocs from Impldoll

Baby crocs from Impldoll