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oobie has moved and they are almost completely settled in their new location. At this time, the store is announcing new doll companies will soon be added. Various Lati Yellow outfits will be available soon.

From the shop:

This summer is proving to be an exciting one for the oobie doll shop. We have moved to the Minneapolis area of MN! Oobie doll and the studio are about settled.

I have also added the beautiful work of Shiny Doll to the shop. Shin’s work is just amazing. I’ve always been drawn to the elves and these are some of the most interesting I’ve seen.

DIMdoll has just released their Soo Hee doll. There will be a short order period for her from July 9th until August 8th. There’s been much buzz about the new artist at DIMdoll. You will find the new bodies to be fantastic!

I am also very pleased to announce a partnership between myself and Circus Kane Dolls. I will be a USA based connection for Nefer’s work, but I will also ship worldwide. You will find ooak creations of Nefer’s dolls here. I cannot wait!

I have also added two new doll clothing companies to oobie doll. Many new items are arriving for your tiny bjd’s! The shoes of Ruby Red Galleria are coming!

Everyone, please enjoy your summer and look forward to some very interesting coming months with oobie doll. Hugs!


Shiny Doll Meefa


Circus Kane Soda

Circus Kane Soda



OD-10 sm

OD-5 chick sm