Granado News

Granado will be attending Dollism Plus in Hong Kong.

From the company:

We are very happy to announce that we will join the Hong Kong Dollism Plus 8 fair on 13th July (Sat).
For this event, we will have 3 surprises to offer.
Event information as shown below:


1. Showcase of Crocus’ latest designs : Hansel & Andrew
** This is the first time we present Andrew to public. Also, he has a one-off face-up.
** We will also show the latest designs, e.g. Katrein & Terra.


2. Release of Crocus’ secret works, they will be shown in small photographs.
** Keywords: Titan, Mads, Anne.
** Their photos will be place randomly inside the booth. You’re welcome to search them!


3. Granado original perfume – VERDE
** You can smell a secret scent in our booth.
** You can feel fresh and moist, with a hint of green. Like the moment of receiving a new doll.

We are located at J section of the hall. Please give us your kind support.
Thank you very much! <3


Andrew prototype