Fairyland News

mci0Fairyland has posted a notice announcing the starting date for their upcoming Summer Event.

From the company:

We are happy announce upcoming Summer Event at FairyLand, with the release of new doll line-up planned at the same time. 

Summer Event and doll release are planned for July 19, 2013. 
As no other specific details have been confirmed from CP this stage, we would appreciate if you could kindly refrain from inquiring about new items or the event until the actual release day. We may not be able to answer any inquires about the event on CS center or by e-mail for this moment and we thank you for your understanding. 

Any recent orders placed before the commencement of the event (before July 19) will still be able to participate in event promotion, as long as other eligibility criteria are met. 
This information will also be released at the day of the event. 

We will come back soon with more detailed notice about the event and new line-up.