Ringdoll Pre-sale

Ringdoll is offering new Dark Side dolls  Revenant Frankenstein and his bride Eva for pre-sale.

From the company:

In order to feedback fans’ promotion, the limited edition of Ringdoll— Revenant Frankenstein 2013 and his bride,will hold a one-month activity before being released.
The content of the activity is shown as follows: If you participate in this advance sale, you will gain one special about Frankenstein. ( This special is not only very memorable, but also has abundant and interesting content, including Frankenstein’s history and extended meaning, the design philosophy and design drawing of Ringdoll, and a mass of exquisite pictures.)
If you participate in this advance sale, you will gain props on the subject of “Endless wasteland”—- A sickle named “wasteland”. (Not for sale)
The period of the advance sale: July 1st (2013) —July 31th (2013)
The condition for participation: You should order Frankenstein 2013 or his bride and pay down payment first.
(An individual $250 deposit is required when ordering,for Frankenstein2013/his bride.)
+++ Frankenstein 2013 and his bride will be released at the beginning of August, at that time complete official pictures will be announced too.+++++
Frankenstein 2013
The fullset price:

Revenant Frankenstein: Include:New grey body*1. The mechanical arm and leg *1(both left side). Gas mask*1. Oxygen bomb*1. steel collar *1. Eyes*1 . Brain*1.Wigs*1. Clothes *1.)
Add make-up( Both face and body)

Eva(The bride of Frankenstein)
The basic doll:(Include: New grey body*1. High-heeled feet*1. Fetus*1. Wigs*1.eyes *1.)
Add clothes
Add make-up(Both face and body)

Free shipping with buying both Frankenstein2013 and Eva.