Volks USA News

Volks USA is offering several full-set dolls by lottery in June as part of a Membership Appreciation Day event.  The winners of the lotteries will be allowed to purchase the dolls.

From Volks USA:

We hope that everyone who joined us at IDEX2013 enjoyed it as much as we did!

We also know that many of our customers couldn’t participate in the event. We hope we can see you in person some day soon, but until then, as we announced before, we are holding a special lottery to offer some exclusive cuties and handsomes to our precious VOLKS USA members only!

Making their way into the lottery line-up is the ever-popular pirate, SD17B Resiner~The Desire for Revenge~ He is definitely waiting for new adventures with you! But keep him away from Williams, unless you want trouble….And what do you know, we are also offering a dashing SD17B Williams Base One-Off Model with make-up by K.mayura!

Up next is the very handsome and mysterious SDGOU Claude, the Beast from the classic tale, Beauty and the Beast. Will you bring him home and help lift the curse? Our last charming gentleman is an SDGrB F-40 Base One-Off Model with make-up by Tsukimi. This sculpt is a Tenshi-no-Sato exclusive, so don’t miss this rare chance to add him to your family.

For those who like ladies, we have a gorgeous and mature SD16G Amelia Base One-Off Model with make-up by Ciera! Feeling left out, DD fans? Well, don’t worry because we have the cute DD Moe 2nd Ver. to brighten your day!

All of these dolls will be displayed in our Showroom for viewing this Saturday, June 1st until June 16th so please visit us soon! For those who cannot visit, you can still enter the lottery online for any, or all, of these lovely dolls. The lottery entry period is from now until Sunday, June 16 @6:00PM PST. Please make sure to read all the instructions on each item’s page to prevent any mistakes! Or send any questions to service@volksusa.com. Good luck!

Just a quick note: When you put in your entry please make sure to put your VOLKS USA membership number in the comment box of the order.

If you do not enter your membership number your entry will be cancelled.

If you do not remember your number, please make sure to send us an email at service@volksusa.com and we can provide that to you.

Thank you for your understanding.