Fabric Friends and Dolls News (Corrected)

Fabric Friends and Dolls is now an authorized retailer for Dragon Dolls and Peak’s Woods. Some dolls will be arriving at the store shortly including Dragon Doll’s Empire Huang, LingLong, YingYing and Zheng and Peak’s Wood’s Lady Bee and Rabit Goon. More dolls will be arriving soon from other companies including Impldoll (Crocodile Babies Colby and Jayden) and Nikki Britt (Fiona, Felix, Feenix and Faber). New Island Dolls are in-stock for immediate delivery. Fabric Friends and Dolls will be attending the  Gaithersburg Doll Show in Gaithersburg, MD on June 1st and 2nd. The retailer will also be at the UFDC convention in Washington, DC from July 29-Aug 1.


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