Clearance Sale

Denver Doll Emporium  is holding a clearance sale.

From the retailer:

We are in the process of doing our once-in-a-blue-moon clean out, reorganization, rearrange of the doll shop. We’ve pulling out things that had been buried for years and have been marking things down…way down! Just look for the


sign and follow the links. We’re clearing the shelves!

Some BJDs are available at reduced prices including B & G , Kim Lasher (cancelled orders), Pat Moulton, Cristy Stone, Impldoll ( doll heads) . Some doll fashions are also listed.  Supplies are very limited.


Lydia Grimsley

Kim Lasher’s Lydia Grimsley

B & G Aurora

B & G Aurora


Pat Moulton's Cassidy

Pat Moulton’s Cassidy