Mecha Angel Site Closing

Soom has announced that they will be colosing the Mecha Angel website this Fall. The dolls, which were previously sold on the Soom website now called The Gem, will return to that site.

From the company:

Dear SoOm fans,

Thank you for your interest and support for our Mecha Angel dolls over many years.

Unfortunately, we have the sorrow to announce that the Mecha Angel website will be closed on October 20th 2013.

However, dolls on this website will make a comeback on our ”The Gem” website in the next future.

Please be looking forward the new face of Mecha Angel dolls soon.^^

Also, FFD sales will be maintained until complete closure of the website (June, August, October).

Again, we deeply thank you for all the love you gave to our Mecha Angel dolls, and we hope that you will fall in love with their new faces as well ~

SoOM team