Lyse Pre-order

Lillycat  will soon be opening her pre-order for Lyse in cream skin and caramel skin resin. Lyse is 57.5cm tall with a slim body. Orders for the doll will only be taken for 48 hours. The dolls will be sold “ready to custom”.  Face-up service is not available.

From Lillycat:

Next sale for Lyse in cream and caramel skin will be open very soon.
This time orders will be available during 48 hours ! With no limited number of doll.
As the next sales were closed very fast, and many customers from other countries didn’t get time to connect on the website.
We decided to limit the sale to 48 hours, this way whatever the country customers are from they could connect to the website.
The sale will be open from may the 23th at 17:00 UTC to may the 25th at 17:00 UTC on www.lillycat.net/shop

3 times layaways still available, as for the 15% discount for non European customers.


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