Equestrian Club

FreedomTeller has new limited edition fashions in boy sizes SD13, SD 17, SID and EID (muscle and model body) and girl sizes SD16 and SID. The Equestrian Club set comes with a jacket, pants, shirt and hat. Color choices include the ivory set or the black set.

From the company:

Limited ‘Equestrian Club’ on FreedomTeller.net

We have updated our limited section with Equestrian Club in all sizes.

[ Equestrian Club ] Set is Freedom Teller’s take on equestrian uniforms.

This equestrian uniform has a clean simple silhouette but with functionality.

As a noble sport uniform, we expressed sophistication with class.

Also, by creating 3-dimensional patterns, we emphasized functionality of this set while tailoring to a great fit.

*** International Pre-order Period: May 20 ~ June 10
*** Expected Shipping Period: June 10 ~ June 30

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