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Bo Bergemann of Bergemann Dolls has newfashion sets available for her smaller dolls. For her 20cm range dolls, the artist has assembled a package of outfits, shoes and wig as Tiny Trouseaus .

From the artist:

Bo Bergemann’s Tiny BJD’s all fit these P-Sets.
(18cm Sugar, Spice, Addie, Alexandria and coming soon . . . Annie!)
These also fit other similar sized Tiny BJD’s but are only guaranteed to fit Bo’s doll’s well as I actually have them tailor made to fit my little bitty lovelies!

Each Trouseau will be randomly packaged to include a minimum of 5 day outfits, one of which will be a hand smocked dress or an adorable modern little girl’s couture 3 piece set. Also a pair of PJ’s or exercise set will be in each. I will add at least 1 wig (give me your doll’s name for wig size and your preference of style/color), 2 pairs of shoes at least one of which will be a pair of boots.

New hand smocked dresses are now available for Baby Fat girls. The BabyFat Sunday’s Best Sets come with dress, panties, dress, wig, eyes and shoes. Each dress is unique.


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BabyFat Sunday Best

BabyFat Sunday Best