Yrin Postponed

Sales of the new Feeple60 doll named Yrin Undead Hunter have been postponed by Fairyland. The doll was briefly released then removed from the website and from the Fairyland blog. A notice about Yrin has now been posted on the company site.

From Fairyland,

Dear customers,

Firstly we wish to apologize for this last minute announcement which concerns the new FeePle60 male body.

We regret to announce that the sale of Yrin and Fine Muscular Body is to be postponed until further notice. Unfortunately this news arrived after the product pages became available for sale, and during a very hasty move to make all relevant product pages unavailable our previous notice regarding the release and event were removed by accident. We apologize for any confusions this may have caused as well.

FeePle60 Yrin Full Package (Undead Hunter) sale and promotional event involving Yrin Wounded Head is also being postponed.
Release schedule for Fine Muscular Body is undecided at this stage.

Customers who have already placed orders containing Yrin, Fine Muscular Body and/or being eligible for Yrin Wounded Head will receive an individual emails shortly.

Once again we sincerely apologize for the inconveniences caused and thank you for your understanding.