Yrin Undead Hunter (Updated)

The new Feeple60 doll named Yrin Undead Hunter is now available for pre-order at Fairyland. Yrin may be ordered in natural or beautiful white skin resin.  He is also available in tan resin, but no photos of the tan version are available at this time.

Full Package Yrin comes with a Limited Edition version Fine Muscular Body, regular head, random eyes, a choice from 2 wig syyles, outfit, shoes, default feet and resin accessory gun and axe (unpainted  white resin).  Options include a sleeping head, face-up for the sleeping head, chest piece without gunshot wound, and inclusion of the 2nd wig.

From Fairyland:

We are delighted to announce the release of special new FeePle60, Yrin and its Limited Edition Full Package.

This exciting new Full Package comes with a Limited Edition version of Fine Muscular Body which has Mag-on feet/ankle system as well as wounded marks on hands, feet and upper torso.

This Full Package also has several additional options (such as compatible Fine Muscular Body pieces without wounds) which the customers can choose. Please refer to the product page for more information.

We are also launching a small event to celebrate its release.

Duration: May 10, 2013 ~ June 30, 2013

Order with total price of $900 or above (not including shipping fee) is eligible to receive FeePle60 Yrin Wounded Head. This head is available to all who order $900 and up, but only those who order Yrin in tan can get the wounded head in tan.

Customers eligible for this price criteria must include the gift head in the shopping cart to receive it.

Any orders containing this gift head but do not meet the criteria will be cancelled by the administrator.

Order does not have to include FeePle60 Yrin Full Package to participate in this event.

* Regular version of Fine Muscle Body is available for FeePle60 Male A la Carte.
Please note that the body in A la Carte has same options and systems as existing FeePle60 male body and hence does have Mag-on feet/ankle system.
Mag-on feet/ankle system is not planned to be incorporated in regular FeePle60 bodies.

* FeePle60 No. 5 hands will be available for sale separately in the near future.