Sadol News

Sadol has released a new version of Love 60 line Yena. Fascinating Yena is being sold as a full-set. The doll will come with both regular had heel leg parts, face-up, eyes, wig, outfit (dress, underskirt, +panties, gloves, jewel choker, headband) and shoes.
The outfit may also be purchased separately.

From the company:

Various items has been updated.

Please give us your interest and love.

Thank you.

* New Release Items

1 sadol LOVE60 – Fascinating[Yena]

2 Girls Costume – Fascinating figure

3 Girls Costume – Amor-W

4 Girls Costume – Amor-Pu

5 Shoes – Mink purple wedge heel

6 Shoes – Mink white wedge heel

7 Shoes – Jewel wedge heel