Pixie Dolls Released

IpleHouse has changed the name of their new 19cm doll line from PID to Pixxie Doll.  Blooming, Twinky, Dorothy and Ryu-Ah. are now ready for pre-order until June 2nd.

Blooming, Twinky and Ryu-Ah may be ordered in a choice of white, normal, peach gold or special real skin resin.  Dorothy may be ordered in normal, peach gold, special real or light brown skin resin. The dolls are sold blank with a PID body with flat feet and a pair of acrylic eyes.  Options for the dolls include face-up, outfit with heel parts and a choice of wig. Two of the heel part sets may be purchased separately. They are sold blank or with painting. Additional outfits including casual clothing may be purchased for the dolls in the clothing section on the Iplehouse site.



Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 7.29.09 AM

Screen shot 2013-05-02 at 7.29.09 AM